Sis Let’s Do Brunch & Spill The Tea


We’re two weeks away from our the first brunch for SousSHE. SousSHE is  an organizations founded by Satia Frazier-North. It began as an idea to connect with young women through food. It has developed into much more. SousSHE encourages the empowerment of young women through their aspirations. The goal and mission is to Aspire To Inspire One Girl At A Time.

We’ll introduce SousSHE and the goals set forth in out first seasonal brunch held in Berkeley.  We’ve put together a panel of women to speak to tell their story, their journey and their aspirations that led them to where they are today in an effort to inspire the next.  Hope you can come out and support. DESSERT (1)Coffee& Me (1)

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Come join us November 18th to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage one another.

As women, some of us were raised to fear the yes and doubt ourselves while pushing others forward. My favorite writings of empowerment are from women who write about fear and self-perseverance.

 This seasonal Brunch & Tea will celebrate women from every facet of life. There will be sharing of life experiences, what mentoring is and what we believe are our purpose in life.  Join in…chat, share, eat, schmooze and sip tea!! You’re encouraged to bring friends and family along.

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Edible Excursion in Sac

FiftySevenNorth is heading to Sacramento for our next Food Crawl. Sacramento has a food scene we haven’t explored and we’re missing out. I’m giving Sacramento eight hours of my undivided attention. We will start at Kru in Sacramento and head to The Barn to meet up with the rest of you. If you’re interested contact me. Looking forward to seeing you there.