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Wine & Whiskey Boyfriend Material

Wine & Whiskey – Boyfriend Material👠👖We’re bringing the exclusive Wine & Whiskey to New Jersey in April 2023 and you’re invited.

This is not your average paint and sip…

The night is interactive and engaging. From the music to the carefully crafted menu, Chef has curated an evening of insatiable bites to lift your palate. Enjoy our featured artist’s live painting and express your creativity on canvas. No painting experience is needed! Blossom with step-by-step instruction or use your own artistic license to create a work of art.

Grab your favorite boyfriend jeans, tee or button down and join us for a night of fantastic food, music, art, wine & whiskey pairings inspired by the Boyfriend Material.

If you’ve been to any in the past, you know exactly what the vibe is.

If you have not, it is an unforgettable experience encompassing all things Food..Art…Love…Noir!!

Wine & Whiskey A Masquerade Affair – Oakland October 2022

Wine & Whiskey All White In Black August – Sacramento August 2021

Wine & Whiskey Tampa Takeover April 2021

So Ill Wine & Whiskey October 2020

Wine & Whiskey For Lovers Only February 2020

Wine & Whiskey Marvin Gaye November 2019

Wine & Whiskey Jill Scott August 2019

Wine & Whiskey Nina Simone May 2019

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