Turkey Fig Jam

Love jams, jellies and honey. Woke up this morning wanting avocado toast with jam. I had some turkey figs that started sweetening on their own. They were left over from a fruit platter I made earlier in the week. Waste not, want not…absolutely.

Quick! Easy! Yummi!

  1. Take one pound of figs, any color I used the brown turkey figs because it’s what I had.20170917_075907
  2. Add a half cup of sugar. You could use more but my figs started secreting a bit so I didn’t use a lot.20170917_080353
  3. Put the figs and sugar in a nonstick pot.
  4. Let the sugar dissolve and the figs become juicy.
  5. Add 1/2 cup of water and 1/4c of lemon juice.2017-09-17-09-07-43
  6. When that comes to a boil, reduce the heat and add a sprig of rosemary(press the rosemary to release the oils)20170917_090620
  7. As the liquid thickens remove the rosemary

The house is now fragrant and warm. While the jam is simmering and  coming together grab two mason jars or a medium sized ramekin(if you’re going to enjoy it sooner).  Pour the figs into the mason jar and put the lid on. It’s still hot so it’ll continue to soften while in the jar.20170917_091501

Grab some toast, cheese or whatever and slather it on!!


Citrus Roasted Chicken

This is sooo delicious.  I mean it’s really, really good.

I had a young chicken thawing in the fridge for a couple of days.  I told the kids I would make them chicken and waffles pretty much all weekend. I just didn’t quite get to it. Thing is they’d rather have wings with their waffles, so I took the young bird for myself.

Roasted chicken with herbs and citrus sounded pretty good to me. I happen to have made a citrus rub earlier for salmon to marinate overnight. I had all these lemons, limes, oranges and the rub left over.  I was afraid that the chicken wouldn’t have much flavor since I was going to season it and immediately cook it. Ha…who am I kidding this rub was packed with flavor.

Citrus Herb Rub

I had a mixture of oranges, lemons, limes and mandarins. I used a white onion too. It’s sweet and mild, paired well with the fruit without overwhelming it. It makes a beautiful sauce.



I cut the chicken in half and coated it with kosher salt.  Set it to the side. I rolled the fruit to extract as much flavor out of it as possible.  I cut the small fruit in half and squeezed the juice into a bowl. I quartered the oranges and put the juice in the bowl.


This is all you need…oh and a roasting pan

I laid the juiced fruit pieces in the bottom of the glass roasting pan with the onions.  I then put the chicken that was completely dry  on top of the fruit and onions. I poured the juice on the chicken and coated it with the RUB!!!


Over Season…Over Rub…Over Indulge

I roasted it for an hour total…10 min at 450° and 50 min at 350°. The aroma alone was BLAZING!! I covered it with foil after removing it from the oven for 10 more min.



I served it over a jerk rice pilaf.  I will make this a million times over. I used my lemon pepper grind as a base for the rub. You can add all the herbs and spice you want to it. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Let chicken sit out and get close to room temp before putting it in the oven
  • Make sure chicken is dry to touch before putting the juice on
  • Use dry herbs in your rub
  • Use fresh herbs…i.e. lemon thyme to tuck in the chicken while cooking
  • Can marinate in a bag overnight with the citrus and rub(delicious either way)


I Crave Pico…Sometimes

They say cravings come from some nutrients your body is missing. Maybe that’s true. I hear people say they crave pie, bread and pasta. Are those missing nutrients? I’m not sure but craving, the STRONG DESIRE TO HAVE, that’s textbook and  there are certain cravings I have to satisfy; chocolate, peanut butter, onions, mushrooms and parmesan. Some would say I have a very savory palate. I would agree.

Today wasn’t any different. I had an intense craving for onions, crunchy and lemony juiciness like you’d find in ceviche. All the makings of a good buljol…yummerz. I’m home already so I have none of the ingredients for either. I do have a bit of leftover crab meat from quiche I made earlier in the week and a small container of pico(HAPPY DANCE).

Instantly I recalled being at Cala in San Francisco and having kampachi ceviche and the crab tostadas and the trout tostadas….yes please. The flavors, smells, tastes and the freshness. I just wanted to relive that moment, or as close as possible.

Yumminess from Cala San Francisco


I used every spice and herb I could to make sure it satisfied my craving.


~My Quick Crab PicMeUp~

  • 8oz lump crab
  • 10oz container of pico de gallo(onion, tomato, jalapeno)
  •  avocado
  • cilantro(not a fan I seasoned with coriander instead)

    Boss Jumbo Lump
    I prefer this brand or Phillips
  • parsley
  • lime juice
  • salt, pepper, chili powder and cumin

Key is to let it chill overnight. You can add a little cream(mayo/sour cream) to change the body a bit.

  • Enjoy on top of a tostada or stuff in an avocado half
  • You can make your own pico. Make sure your ingredients are fresh.
  • The use of fresh parsley along with coriander in place of cilantro
  • If you decided to use cream in this pico, season it before adding…i.e. coriander, cumin and chili powder
  • Add some mango to lift the sweetness and add to the juiciness.