Chef Satia specializes in Global, Southeast Asian & Southern Inspired cuisine. Whether an intimate night for two or fifty she designs delicious meals and memories special for you & your family.  Specializing in high-end dinner parties, cocktail parties or down home cooking, free yourself from the stress, and call me.


If you are looking for someone who exclusively cooks for you and your family on a regular basis, and you don’t want to worry about scheduling issues or conflicts, a private chef is what you may be looking for. This service is provided for individuals that want consistent scheduling during a certain time or season to ensure that all meals are taken care of during a certain time period/ time frame. This service includes initial client consultation, constant menu planning, all grocery shopping, meal preparation, plating and clean up.


If you are hosting an intimate gathering or party in your home and are not sure what to serve, please let me come up with a menu that suits the needs of all of your guests.

*pricing starts at $600 (groceries not included)

Virtual Cooking Classes

We host a virtual cooking class every Friday. Some students bring their notebooks and others have all the ingredients ready to join in. Which student are you? Pick a class and join us on Friday to make an Insatiable Plate.

Cooking Classes

If you want to expand your culinary knowledge and focus, host an event that will be an experience for you and your guests. Chef Satia leads a cooking class with delectable selections. Guests who consider themselves to be foodies, or who are fans of shows like Top Chef, find it enticing to partake in playing Chef for the night.  

Menus & More

Looking to create a beautiful culinary menu or flyer? We will design a template you like, customize it and send the prints right to your door. Hundreds of flyer templates for every occasion, and more added all the time.


instead of stressing over what you are cooking your next party, let me plan and worry about what is going on the table. relax and enjoy the company of your guests. I will create a unique culinary experience for you and your guests, and will make sure that you all have splendid evening full of wonderful food.

Culinary Consultation

Adding that extra passion to your recipe and upping your cuisine game is where Chef Satia comes in.  Playing with flavors is essential to creating the perfect all around dish. Our services extend to consulting with different organizations about food safety, kitchen design, menu development, master planning or revenue generation. Give your menus an automatic upgrade!!!

The Elephant In The Room…

We design something special just for you!!! You work very closely with our Chef to add flare to any of the top catering styles.  You want to give the guests something unexpected, treat them to an unforgettable culinary experience…that’s what The Elephant In The Room does for you.

Culinary Consultation & Recipe Development