Granola Cherry Crisp

I am an institutional cook by nature…by trade…and profession I suppose. Growing up in a big family I never quite figured out how to make small amounts of anything.  Seems to work out perfectly, especially for my friends and neighbors.  Making this crisp easily became a dessert for sharing.

Over the weekend, we were sitting around pondering on what to have for lunch.  We decided to make stuffed muenster burgers and homemade ice cream.  In the midst of it all I remembered I promised a friend I’d make a cherry cobbler, crisp or crumble.   Something, anything with cherries he said.   I thought a crunchy topping of granola on a pan of sweet black cherries would close out the weekend beautifully. Truth be told I’d find any reason to bring out my dutch oven.


Whether I’m frying chicken or braising oxtails it is the perfect tool for everything. I think this is a Martha Stewart one that’s withstood the test of time.  Opened up a #10 can of sweet pitted cherries, ready to go.


It may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. I can either get four skimpy pies or 2 bountiful ones.  We went for the latter.  I used my deep dish pie plates that are reserved for Caramel Dutch Apple Pie(I’ll throw that up later).  I want to say they’re Pyrex I may be wrong. Nah, definitely ceramic Pyrex…right?!20180715_182351

Nevertheless, they cook beautifully.  Ceramic holds that heat and all the good stuff bubbles up and sing such pretty songs.


Now I always…always have some kind of granola, trail mix or something hanging around.

That goes back to… I always make too much of something, so there’s always some around.  This time I had a candied pecan trail mix I made for a plane ride earlier in the week.  In this mix their were cranberries too.  I thought man that would definitely have a tart bite to it. Perfect for the crisp topping to counter the sweet, right?!20180715_182946

Now usually I use softened butter but I went for the melted.  It gives a more crisp as opposed to the crumble.  Now people may ask, “what’s the difference”? One has more of a coffee cake crumble consistency and the other is more like a thin crispy granola bar.  It can make for a better base if you so choose to use one.  For this crisp I did. 20180715_183736 I got my cherries ready to go on the stove. Feel free to add and play with this.  You can’t go wrong.  I’ve added cayenne, rum, apple pucker(I know) and other crazy things but it always comes out delicious.

Takes a little bit to get it thickened. I didn’t add a thickening agent, but you absolutely can.  I went for whatever I had in the kitchen.  This time just sugar(s)got this good glaze.  I reserved some of the juice(syrup) for cocktails, dessert toppings and for tea.  It’s a cheap and expensive hack, ya know. 20180715_184816

Here’s my cocktail…my fave Canada Dry & whatever else.  Today is cherries and I must say, YUMMERZ!!


I love making these crumbles & crisps because they’re so satisfyingly easy to make and everybody gets excited when they come out of the oven bubbling and smelling like, well it depends on what you added…maybe pucker?!


Granola Cherry Crisp

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Summertime Farmer’s Market Finds

Farmer’s Market Fun

Summer is here and although I am not excited about this heat, the Farmer’s Markets are in full bloom. Happy for all the rainbow foods we’re about to get into(insert claps & sighs)!!

In preparation for what’s to come I ramped up my Farmer’s Market lookouts in the Central Valley area.  I have not abandoned my Bay Area offerings, but I was told to take a look around where I live…so we did.

In my quests I stumble across quite a few outside and inside markets.  Most of the outside Farmer’s Markets are a mixture of produce, cosmetics, art etc.  I don’t mind at all, but I did find myself getting side tracked.  When I go to the Farmer’s Market I’m usually looking for inspiration.  I may pick up something I have never tried before and cook based off the suggestions from the Farmer’s or vendors themselves.

I, of course get the the staples, a ton of fresh fruit, flowers and spices to accompany the fruit, like ginger, cloves and mace.  20180513_114427The best thing to do after a day at the market is to make a banging fruit salad and take in your finds for the day.

Headed Out…

The first market I always hit up is right in my backyard.  I mean I am a San Joaquin County resident it’s only natural to see what we have have to offer.  What I found is an abundance of fresh everything.   San Joaquin County Farmer’s Markets are vast and bountiful. Right here in Downtown Tracy, every Saturday with fresh produce, organic produce, baked goods, flowers, home accessories, gifts and more. Their motto is, “From Our Family Farms To Yours”.

We do a lot of Farm to Table recipes, sustainable foods and try to use as many local resources as possible. Getting some good local sourced honey was my ultimate goal on this day.  A lot of the vendors were eager to tell me about some of the local farms like A Jar Of Honey in San Jose.  I had a friend bring me some from that apiary.  She uses it exclusively for her delicious Boba Milk Teas.

Today I used it to make a balsamic glaze for some of the watermelon I picked up. I’ll put up the recipe for that too.

I look forward to going down and visiting with Stefan to fill me in on more about his girls at A Jar Of Honey.

Went to Hawaii and my girl ordered this watermelon and feta salad…Now I’ve made this salad a million times but never like this.  the presentation was sic!!  I said I’ll never make it the same again. Oh to be inspired…20180625_211853

You could dice, slice or melon ball this watermelon the flavor is the same.  Add a little sea salt, some pepper or even togarashi…ENJOY!!!

Blue Potluck Night Themed Party Photo Collage

An Edible Excursion In Atlanta

Food Crawling in the ATL with my sisters & co-culinarians during Black Restaurant Week…EPIC!!!

Why Atlanta?

First off, I had never been. Secondly, Darius, of Darius Cooks by way of Chicago decided to open a restaurant in Atlanta…and thirdly DARIUS OPENED A RESTAURANT IN ATLANTA!!

We planned a mini sisters retreat that included food crawls, shopping and getting our souls fed. We all had our particular places we wanted to visit. There were restaurants, churches, museums, malls and the ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ stuff as well.  My sister had all the local spots down , thanks to Atlanta’s very own T.I. and his ‘favorite spots’ to grab a bite. Our goal in every city, every time is the best place for wings & tings.   J.R. Crickets, apparently was the place to be.  The wings, the atmosphere and savage cocktails.

20170804_123303So look…those wings were banging. I wanna say we had a 20pc dirty bird, if the dirty bird is spicy, wet with lemony pepper.  That’s how I remember them anyway. There’s a crab place in Chicago and you mix all the flavors of  throw it in the bag… these were like that. YUMMERZ!! With the wings we were told we had to try the Bob Marley.  The word was one of these will put you on your ass. I passed on it but the rest of the party indulged on a few of them.  I heard it was deliciously strong, worthy of the name and look.




On to the next day, maybe the day after that…either way it was now Greens & Gravy Day.  Now I want you to know I prepared for this like a new job, like an exam, like a last meal type of day.  I follow Darius on periscope for reasons other than food, but his love of food made me fall in heavy like with him. The advantage of that was I knew what he had planned to put on the menu. I was in it with him while he was setting up the restaurant. When he found the location, picking the decor, hiring staff…all of it so we were ready.   20170808_223932 I made sure to reserve our table, with Opentable months ahead because he had his soft and grand openings no too long before we were set to arrive.  I  downloaded the menu to go over it with my sisters because we wanted to be strategic and order everything to taste every thing. Luckily for us we met some other ladies on an earlier excursion who were going to join us also.  This was perfect.  We were sat at the last table in the back. The space is intimate and seats maybe 30 with a few tables outside.


We’re here, we’re seated and ready! I knew going in I would be having the lemon pepper honey drizzled fried chicken(I KNOW RIGHT). 20170806_144211That would be for the table as it is a signature dish.  At this point I knew the menu like the back of my hand.  I watched their faces as they looked it over salivating at the descriptions of all this down home food with a twist.  Decisions had been made and we were ready to load Zac, our waiter up with our orders. menu

Some of the other things we had included crab & shrimp deviled eggs, butter pecan cornbread, macaroni & cheese, fish & grits, jamaican jerk grilled prawns & grits & lemon pepper fried spare ribs.  First and foremost the lemon pepper honey fried chicken was the star. I could’ve only eaten that and been satisfied.

Admittedly I wasn’t over thee moon with the rest of the spread, but it was good.  I really loved the mac & cheese though.  Just so happened the day before we went to another  restaurant in Atlanta and had shrimp & grits/mac & cheese. We were underwhelmed, very underwhelmed.  I needed my palate redeemed afterwards.  Greens & Gravy did just that.

It was so homey and the music was that Saturday and Sunday morning cleaning music.  I will be going back for the atmosphere, the food, the music and for Darius of course.  #BlackBoyJoy

Catch us on our next #EdibleExcursion


5-10 p.m. Tuesdays-Sundays; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays-Sundays. 1540 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta. 404-565-2074,

Greens & Gravy on Social Media: Instagram  Facebook

We Recommend: Lemony Pepper Fried Chicken With Honey

More pics from our Atlanta Excursion



Ahi Poke: An InSatiaBle Plate

I am a huge fan of sushi, sashimi, ceviche, fish tartare, poke and more of the same, I suppose!!

I recently took a trip to Hawaii and there was poke everywhere!! I MEAN EVERYWHERE!! We chose four different places to taste poke specifically at each one.  I was not disappointed in the least.  They all offered something different, yet the same satisfying taste of traditional poke…at least I think so.

What’s poke?!

Poke /pˈk/ (Hawaiian for "to section" or "to slice or cut"[1]; sometimes stylized Poké[2][3][4] to aid pronunciation) is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course. Traditional forms are aku (an oily tuna) and he'e (octopus). He'e (octopus) poke is usually called by its Japanese name "Tako" Poke, except in places like the island of Ni'ihau where the Hawaiian language is spoken. Increasingly popular ahi poke is generally made with yellowfin tuna. Adaptations may feature raw salmon or various shellfish as a main ingredient served raw with the common "poke" seasonings.

My favorite cuisines by far is that of Asia, Southeast Asia and The Caribbeans.  The flavors are so dynamic and fun to work with.

I interned at an Asian Fusion restaurant in San Francisco the summer of 2016.  There is an Ahi Tartare on the menu and I couldn’t wait to get to work everyday and make it.  The aroma of sesame oil, fresh cut onions and beautiful bulbs mixed with this beautiful piece of ahi…ohm

Lily Bulbs

Here’s my interpretation of one of my favorite dishes to both eat and share with other people.  It’s a stand-out at intimate dinners and parties. Hope you enjoy it too!
Blue Potluck Night Themed Party Photo Collage (1)

Fresh AHI…is a must. Cut them into cubes or ask the butcher to do it for you. Put that aside in a cool place(fridge).

Heat up a dry skillet and add the sesame seeds.  Toast them for 3-5 minutes and set aside.

Mix the other 8 ingredients.  Allow them to marry and sit for for 30 minutes to and hour.  You may let it sit longer if you’re not using/eating the poke immediately.

When you’re ready toss the mixture with the AHI.  When serving top with the toasted sesame seeds and nori.

Kizami Nori

Serve it on top of a bed of lettuce, a himalayan salt block or a rice cracker…


AHI Tartare on black sesame cracker

Food Art & Love Noir

#AllBlackWeekend in the Bay started with hashtags: #BlackPantherSoLit #WakandaForever #FoodArtLoveNoir & ended with a BANG!

The premiere of Black Panther was a prelude to our, Food Art & Love event. With so much #BlackLove in the Bay Area and all the people who came from other states to be a part of the premiere the anticipation was insurmountable.

Saturday night in the International Suite at Oakstop in Oakland was the first Food, Art & Love Noir.

Oakstop Oakland California

An evening of amazing food, art, music, spoken word, silent auction, raffles and more, presented by Fifty Seven North & NoPrints.

Chef Satia of FiftySevenNorth & Randy Babb of NoPrints

We brought out some of the Bay Area’s best to give attendees a night of culture, for us and by us.



Chef Satia of Fifty Seven North offered up hors d’oeuvres & bottomless mimosas & bellinis.  Some of the offerings included food from their menu: jerk rib tips, rice pilaf, lamb meatballs & gouda grit cakes w/fire prawns.

Randy Babb of NoPrints premiered new pieces and showcased his vast collection of prints, canvases, jewelry and more. Guests walked away with prints he auctioned off and won an original piece in the raffle.

KISS By NoPrints

Several artists volunteered their time, art & expertise to this event and we are thankful. Thank you to everyone that came out and made this night magical. We look forward to seeing you in June at the next Food Art & Love Noir.







J. James Thrilla
Bap Mason


The Silent Warrior


FW1A5135 - CopyFW1A5190



AinslieLaneCookieStudio made all of our cookies for our #AllBlackWeekend

Food, Art & Love Noir




This is an event for True Lovers of Food, Art & Love

Come out and partake in a night of Love …Food, Art, Music, Performances and more.

Amazing offerings by local Chefs.

Soak up some of the most amazing artists’ creative works…

There will be a silent auction, raffles, complimentary drinks, dancers, an open mic…and much more  

Simple Script Typography Valentine's Social Media Post (2)

    If you can’t hear it, then get the wax utensils
    Write my rhymes straight up, don’t get with no fancy stencils
    The rhymes we get is sweet, we stay away from tart
    Our perfection is at work, perking up the art…

    Versus From The Abstract


FOLLOW @i.ChefSatia @NOPRINTSiii @tiaz_travelz on IG for more info & to stay up on what’s good with all things Food, Art & Love!!


An InSATIAble Plate

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re hosting an intimate cooking class in Dublin, California Saturday February 3, 2018. Join Chef Satia & Chef Lorraine in creating a five course intimate meal for two with signature cocktails.

Follow the link for tickets and to register!! You don’t want to miss this…


SousSHE & FiftySevenNorth

Hey…we’re only two weeks away from catering this amazing event for SousSHE.  I am beyond excited to be a part of such an amazing organization at its inception. Our motto at FiftySevenNorth is …’you can’t get full if your soul isn’t fed’. I live by that and do my best to fill my soul daily. This is a cause I can get behind and am proud to be connected to.

There are still tickets available. You can register here and more importantly donate here

Coffee& Me (1)

Here’s the menu we for Sis, Let’s Do Brunch & Spill The Tea


SousSHE began with an idea to connect with young women and girls through food.

Growing up we had women come into the community and introduce us to a world larger than where we lived. They did it through town halls, dinners, field trips and conversing with us.

As a young girl growing up in Chicago, in the projects that was a big deal. It set a foundation for us to mobilize that same energy and zest for life. I vowed to use my expertise in the field of food and social reform to reach as many as I could in the community. I reached out to my friends and family to implore they do the same in their field of work. Whether it be nursing, retail, or education we all have the same wants, needs and the desire to be heard.

We all have a story to tell and there is someone who needs and wants to hear it. I have talked to

women all across the country and one thing remains the same PEOPLE START TO HEAL WHEN THEY ARE HEARD.

SousSHE will now travel the Nation and the world communicating with women about their Aspirations and Inspirations. Giving one another the opportunity to learn through their Struggles, their Ownness, their Strength, their Superpowers and about being Empowered, being Dope, being Free, being Intentional and being Purposed.


There is strength in unity and we are responsible for our greatness and I want to be a part of you knowing that for yourself.

Join us at our summits, forums, brunches and dinners.

Join us in Aspiring To Inspire One Girl At A Time!!


FiftySevenNorth Presents…All Black Everything

We’re actively looking for Connoisseurs of all things Food, Wine, Art, Music and Love. There are several upcoming events we’ll be hosting and we’d like for you to be a part of that. Send an email with your name, business and title. I’d like to add you to our mailing list to interest you in several opportunities surrounding the Bay Area in the new year.

We are a Black Owned Catering and Event Company. We partner with many other businesses and organizations in an effort to promote the small business forum. Circulation of our dollars, knowledge and kick-back is pivotal in order for our community to thrive.

Brunch, Tea and Talk


Turkey Fig Jam

Love jams, jellies and honey. Woke up this morning wanting avocado toast with jam. I had some turkey figs that started sweetening on their own. They were left over from a fruit platter I made earlier in the week. Waste not, want not…absolutely.

Quick! Easy! Yummi!

  1. Take one pound of figs, any color I used the brown turkey figs because it’s what I had.20170917_075907
  2. Add a half cup of sugar. You could use more but my figs started secreting a bit so I didn’t use a lot.20170917_080353
  3. Put the figs and sugar in a nonstick pot.
  4. Let the sugar dissolve and the figs become juicy.
  5. Add 1/2 cup of water and 1/4c of lemon juice.2017-09-17-09-07-43
  6. When that comes to a boil, reduce the heat and add a sprig of rosemary(press the rosemary to release the oils)20170917_090620
  7. As the liquid thickens remove the rosemary

The house is now fragrant and warm. While the jam is simmering and  coming together grab two mason jars or a medium sized ramekin(if you’re going to enjoy it sooner).  Pour the figs into the mason jar and put the lid on. It’s still hot so it’ll continue to soften while in the jar.20170917_091501

Grab some toast, cheese or whatever and slather it on!!