Chef Satia Of FiftySevenNorth


You Can’t Get Full If Your Soul Isn’t Fed’

Chef Satia- Executive Chef & Owner of FiftySevenNorth Catering & Events | Specializing in Global, Southeast Asian & Southern Inspired Cuisines.

Member of American Chef Federation | United States Personal Chefs Association | Association of Nutrition & Food Services Professionals | Black Women of Political Action |

Fifty Seven North Takes Me Home

The relationship between food and I began at a young age growing up in Chicago. The style, the festivals, the block parties and reunions…food was at the center of it all. My Grandmother, a vessel to all things food, is a huge inspiration on my journey in the culinary world. Imagine being introduced to poached eggs at eight years old, maybe even younger. Leaving Chicago as a teen wasn’t easy but I knew when I wanted to go back home to get the best food, or to butter my Grannie’s rolls I’d hit highway 57North to get there.

It was always going to be food.

I worked as a Production Manager in electronics for 10 years.  While working there I sold lunches, dinners and catered for co-workers. I left there in 2013 to work in Healthcare as a Dietary Manager in Southern Illinois for two years.   

I moved to California in July of 2015 and in October of the same year an opportunity opened for me at the CHEFS program in San Francisco.  It was an accelerated 7month Culinary Program. We were mentored and tutored by award winning Chefs in the Bay Area and beyond.  Chef Mike Minna, Chef & Restauranteur Dominique Crenn, Executive Chef Sharon Nahm, Chef Jiro Ono etc.  We catered all the galas, conferences, and industry events in San Francisco.  I interned as well as staged at restaurants in San Francisco, Oakland, Napa and Hayward.

After leaving the Bay Area I took a position as an Executive Chef at a Health Center for four years.  During my time at the Health Center, I took my passion, aligned it with skills, creativity and opened FiftySevenNorth.  We cater and host events specific to the culinary and social needs of our clientele. Some of our tailored annual events include Wine & Whiskey, Elevated Tastings and Food, Art, Love, Noir.  

Our mission statement is …you can’t get full if your soul isn’t fed. It’s imperative that our structure is purposed and centered around our mission. We are ambassadors for organizations that feed the unhoused,(EOBR) reentry(BOSS), safety & justice(California Safety & Justice & Time Done), formerly incarcerated women(Women’s Hope) and investing in the lives of Black Youth(EODC & SousSHE).   

Creative Strategist

Our work with nonprofit organizations, event planners and development teams allowed us to expand our sevices into Creative Strategy, Development & Production.

We give our knowledge to customers to create a plan that will maximize earnings, improve viewership, and engagement across a range of media platforms. From the start of a project, we work with marketers to understand business goals, build a creative strategy, and communicate that approach to creative teams. Marketing, development, and communications are just a few of the cross-functional teams with whom we collaborate. We are involved throughout the process to ensure uniformity across campaigns. By reducing the workflow and boosting openness amongst teams, we hope to make campaigns more efficient and effective. We turn insights and stats into creative recommendations. We develop innovative concepts based on strategy and effective content to create cohesive marketing campaigns.
To ensure your material is suited to your target audience, we examine it from a range of viewpoints, including customer goals vs. company goals, emotive vs. rational considerations, and creativity vs. expediency. We are purposeful in ensuring diversity and inclusion throughout the creation of your project to minimize alienation and tone deafness.
A Creative Strategist’s skillset delivers creativity and structured content to portfolios, which is important in the ever-changing digital market.


SousSHE is a program that empowers young women and encourage their continuous development through food and other artistic ventures.  Under this program young women are  learning  the  essentials  of   nutrition, fusion,  self  realization and more.  Our goal is to raise awareness, provide needed resources and help aid ally/sister  organizations that advocate for black girls &  young women.

SousSHE along with an array of activities formed under FiftySevenNorth fulfills a community need with a vision to encourage women to pursue their culinary & artistic dreams. We consult with different organizations to ensure resources are available to them as they learn to advocate, invest & build trust within themselves.  In addition to their exploration in the arts and culinary field we promote self-care, fearlessness & self-esteem motivation.

Sis, Let’s Do Brunch & Spill The Tea

This brunch & tea is an exclusive invitation for women in a variety of sectors including business, holistic, philanthropy & higher education to hold an intimate conversation over brunch .  The idea is to create solutions by forming a team of  female leaders to develop actionable processes to increase the investments in our girls and young women.

“To encourage excellence is to go beyond the encouraged mediocrity of our society”…Audre Lorde”