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Our mission is to provide exceptional cuisine and create memorable experiences. We strive to elevate every event with our unique and innovative approach to cuisine while fostering an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication

Our Services

Our mission is to provide exceptional cuisine and create memorable experiences.

Private Chef Services

We offer clients the opportunity to work with a professional chef who can prepare customized meals in their own home or at a designated location.

Private Dinner Parties

We offer boutique style catering services that are designed to elevate the dining experience for slightly larger groups.

Amuse Bouche Parties

We provide guests with a unique culinary experience, allowing them to sample a variety of small, bite-sized appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.

Cocktails & More

In addition to catering services, we offer customized drink menus and bar services, allowing clients to enjoy a range of high-quality beverages during their events.

Food. Art. Love. Noir.

Welcome to our unique culinary experience, where food, art, love, and noir come together to create a truly unforgettable experience. Our mission is to provide nourishing, fulfilling, and satisfying experiences that combine food and culture to create a one-of-a-kind journey. Our team of skilled chefs, artists, and professionals curate culinary experiences designed to indulge all your senses.
“Food. Art. Love. Noir.” is our foundation, and we believe in creating an immersive and engaging atmosphere that provides a memorable culinary journey. Our Edible Excursions, Elevated Tastings, and InSATIAble Plates provide an opportunity to explore different regions and cities while enjoying unique and authentic culinary experiences. Our desire to nourish both physically and emotionally is reflected in our focus on providing sustenance and comfort with care and compassion.

About Us

Our motto, “You can’t get full if your soul isn’t fed,” and mission to provide exceptional cuisine while fostering an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication shows a focus on providing not just food but a holistic experience that nourishes both the body and the soul. Our focus on creating experiences beyond just food and drinks sets us apart. We combine elements like art, music, and even live painting by featured artists to create a truly immersive experience. 

Our business model includes a philanthropic component, where a portion of our proceeds and volunteerism is dedicated to giving back to the community. This service model allows us to provide exceptional catering and event hosting services, while positively impact the community.

Client Reviews

Chef Satia made us five signature blends for our potato chips. We didn't know she made rubs and seasonings, so that was a pleasant and tasty surprise. We've hired them for private services four times after that. Exceptional is the word I'd desirbe for her and her team.
Harold Karch
Chicago, Il
Enjoyed a Wine and Whiskey event will be back for more Experienced chefs · Good for parties · Personalized menus · Creative cuisine · Great value
Carla Murphy
Oakland Wine & Whiskey
The staff and the food are both wonderful!!. Good for parties · Professional staff · Delicious food
Frank Jackson
57North Presents
My go-to for everything! She curated my Dad's retirement party, my birthday party, my best friend's mom's surprise party, and an event where I was the photographer. When I need a chef or anything related to menus, food, or aesthetic, I call Chef Satia. Amazing!
Keneatha Washington
San Francisco, CA


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