Summertime Farmer’s Market Finds

Farmer’s Market Fun

Summer is here and although I am not excited about this heat, the Farmer’s Markets are in full bloom. Happy for all the rainbow foods we’re about to get into(insert claps & sighs)!!

In preparation for what’s to come I ramped up my Farmer’s Market lookouts in the Central Valley area.  I have not abandoned my Bay Area offerings, but I was told to take a look around where I live…so we did.

In my quests I stumble across quite a few outside and inside markets.  Most of the outside Farmer’s Markets are a mixture of produce, cosmetics, art etc.  I don’t mind at all, but I did find myself getting side tracked.  When I go to the Farmer’s Market I’m usually looking for inspiration.  I may pick up something I have never tried before and cook based off the suggestions from the Farmer’s or vendors themselves.

I, of course get the the staples, a ton of fresh fruit, flowers and spices to accompany the fruit, like ginger, cloves and mace.  20180513_114427The best thing to do after a day at the market is to make a banging fruit salad and take in your finds for the day.

Headed Out…

The first market I always hit up is right in my backyard.  I mean I am a San Joaquin County resident it’s only natural to see what we have have to offer.  What I found is an abundance of fresh everything.   San Joaquin County Farmer’s Markets are vast and bountiful. Right here in Downtown Tracy, every Saturday with fresh produce, organic produce, baked goods, flowers, home accessories, gifts and more. Their motto is, “From Our Family Farms To Yours”.

We do a lot of Farm to Table recipes, sustainable foods and try to use as many local resources as possible. Getting some good local sourced honey was my ultimate goal on this day.  A lot of the vendors were eager to tell me about some of the local farms like A Jar Of Honey in San Jose.  I had a friend bring me some from that apiary.  She uses it exclusively for her delicious Boba Milk Teas.

Today I used it to make a balsamic glaze for some of the watermelon I picked up. I’ll put up the recipe for that too.

I look forward to going down and visiting with Stefan to fill me in on more about his girls at A Jar Of Honey.

Went to Hawaii and my girl ordered this watermelon and feta salad…Now I’ve made this salad a million times but never like this.  the presentation was sic!!  I said I’ll never make it the same again. Oh to be inspired…20180625_211853

You could dice, slice or melon ball this watermelon the flavor is the same.  Add a little sea salt, some pepper or even togarashi…ENJOY!!!

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