Edible Excursion Sacramento

I love food crawling or edible excursions. Whatever you want to call it, they are explorations to worlds unknown. Most often in your own backyard.

I started doing food crawls, or edible excursions living in Illinois. We would drive to Tennessee, Chicago, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and all over Illinois to try the ‘best of’ which most time included the little hole in the wall joints. I started doing it everywhere I went. Whether it’s traveling for business or pleasure I map out at least four places I’d like to try.  I get a lot of help from my followers on IG, Twitter and Facebook.  They tend have an opinion or two about some of their favorites they want me to try.  People are more than welcome to join, and they do. My next crawl will be in Sacramento. It’s the capital of California and is known for having some of the best restaurants on the water.

FiftySevenNorth is heading to Sacramento for our next Food Crawl. Sacramento has a food scene we haven’t explored and we’re missing out. I’m giving Sacramento eight hours of my undivided attention. We will start at Kru in Sacramento and head to The Barn to meet up with the rest of you. If you’re interested contact me. Looking forward to seeing you there. textgram_1499808835.png

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